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Expressions Of Care - Pecos Family Dental

Dr. Michael Most

One of our two doctors at Pecos Family Dental, Dr. Michael Most is quiet and thoughtful, but has a sense of humor once you bring it out of him. He wears amazing cologne, is always sharply dressed, and has beautiful teeth. Dr. Most has a special affinity for both chocolate and coffee. He is a perfectionist in his dental treatment, taking his time to make sure the patient walks out with excellent work. He interacts well with patients, and loves to joke with them to calm them and put them at ease.

Coby Willmon

The newest addition to both Pecos Family Dental and the dental field, Coby brings 20 years’ experience working in the medical field to her position in insurance verification. Coby has a positive nature that brightens the moods of those around her, and she relishes taking on new challenges. Gaby describes her as the fastest learner she has seen in the field without prior dental experience. Coby is a delight to interact with and goes out of her way to help her teammates, both inside and outside the office.

“Although I have so much experience in the medical field, I took this job because I wanted a different challenge. Everyone at this office has been helpful with my adjustment to the dental field, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of women to work with. No one has an attitude and it’s a cohesive unit.”

“I’m a ‘first thing that pops in my head’ type of person with a wicked sense of humor; I’m always laughing.I know it can get stressful around here, so I try to be the silver lining in the cloud. If I’m the one having a grumpy day, they just love on me real hard to bring me out of my funk, usually with chocolate. Even though I’ve only been her four months, I feel like I’ve known them for longer than I have.”

Dori Hillan

Dori is our treatment coordinator and has been with the office for three years. Dori is like our other mom, very giving and compassionate, and the natural leader when Gina isn’t here. She can be more reserved at first, but opens up once she gets to know you. Dori combines knowledge, wisdom, and experience, and won’t leave unless everything in the office is done absolutely perfectly. She is an awesome cook and baker and often treats the office to amazing potlucks.

“I’ve been in dental a long time, though I had been in another industry for seven years when I applied for this job. Looking to get back into the dental field, I sent my resume out and didn’t know I’d be interviewing with Gina, who I’d worked with 20 years before. I’m very family-oriented with my husband of 38 years and my two grandsons. Since I came on at Pecos three years ago, I’ve become comfortable with my surroundings and my team and think we work well together. In my free time, I like doing crafts, cooking, and gardening.”

Rosie Avila

Pecos’ dental assistant of 11 years, Rosie is very committed to both her job and her family. She is incredibly detail-oriented in dealing with patients, and always willing to help those around her to make the office run smoothly. Her spirit is generous, such as teaching Coby how to break down the rooms so she could help Rosie out, despite being very busy

Although she is reserved and quiet, she is always in good spirits, smiling, and kind towards others. Rosie has beautifully long hair, which Dori dutifully braids for her every morning, to keep it out of her way while working. Rosie knows the Pecos office inside out, where everything goes, and is incredibly important in providing our patients with the best care possible.

“I’ve been a dental assistant for almost 20 years and first became interested in all the procedures that go into dentistry. I always wanted to be in the medical field in some way, to do something where I feel like I was helping others. I would say I’m kind of shy and quiet until I get to know you, then I start being myself. I take a lot of pride in my work and want to make sure patients are walking out 100% satisfied.”

“My kids are my number one priority and I love to spend time with them, doing road trips, hiking, or going to the movies. My husband and sons are all into sports, and we’re a very music oriented family. I love to go to church and spend my quiet time reading books.”

Debbie Fend

Debbie is our resident hygienist, but also our unofficial therapist, as she is very observant, a great listener, and has an amazing memory. More than simply getting to know each of her patients, she instantly recalls their personal life, their treatment, and their needs. When patients request only her as their hygienist and are willing to wait until she’s available, you know she must be doing a great job. She is wonderful to work alongside and never hesitates to help the front office with answering calls and booking appointments. Debbie loves to laugh and sing in the office, and is the kind of person you feel an instant connection with.

“I would describe myself as loyal, caring, extroverted, sympathetic, and intelligent. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My co-workers are great, and everybody has their own different personality, and I think that is why we mesh so well. We all bring something to the table and I think without that aspect, we wouldn’t function. Everybody relies on everybody else, we’re very much a team, and have great communication and camaraderie. I enjoy being able to educate my patients on aspects such as their home care, and it’s rewarding to see the difference over the course of their treatment.”

Dr. Rana Faranesh

Dr. Rana Faranesh, our other doctor at Pecos Family Dental, is beautiful on the inside and outside. She is full of energy, a ray of sunshine when she walks into the office, and is incredibly motivating to the whole team. You can’t help but feel upbeat being around Dr. Rana. Fast and accurate in her treatment, Dr. Rana is preventative in her diagnoses and intent on saving as much tooth structure as possible.

Dr. Rana has a laid-back personality, loves to joke around, and is a talented story teller. She loves to bake and goes out of her way to make cakes for our birthdays. The team at Pecos cannot wait to watch her grow, seeing all the great things she’ll accomplish in her life and career.

Gaby Gamboa

Gaby is an important part of the Pecos team, as the first and last person our patients interact with. Her naturally bubby personality makes her the ideal person to be the ‘face’ of our dental practice. Gaby has a contagious energy that inspires the team and she is always there to help anyone in need. When we have potlucks, she takes the leftovers to give to the homeless, which speaks greatly to her character.

Gaby is passionate about food, eating with great gusto, which is a sight that Debbie particularly enjoys watching. She is mad for chocolate, even eating it in the middle of the night, and always requests anyone going on vacation bring back some local chocolate for her. A mother of four and our fulltime front desk representative, Gaby is both giving and tireless.

“I come from a high-end retail and makeup background, and I kind of fell into dentistry. I had gained some dental office experience and thought about how nice it would be to work at Pecos, as I used to drop my daughter off at the day care next door. I walked in, met Gina, and she loved my personality and decided to take me under her wing.”

“I’m the first impression people have of our office, so I want to make sure it’s a good one. I’m also the backup of anything to do with treatment coordinating, insurance verification, or if they need me at other offices.”

“I’m very personable and when I meet someone for the first time, I talk like I’ve known them for years. I’ve worked very hard to be where I’m at, and I’m proud of my office. We give 150% and don’t mess around; we truly care.”

Gina Whiteaker

More than just the boss, Gina is like our momma bear. She is wonderful to work for, as she is professional, a good communicator, and always willing to help a person to do their best without taking away their opportunity to learn. Rosie notes how Gina helped her to gain more self-confidence both as a dental assistant and in communicating with patients and co-workers alike. Gina is an excellent leader that brings a positivity to the office, channeling the whole team to work together in the same direction. A true fashionista, the whole team notes how Gina never looks anything less than immaculate, with high heels, makeup, and fine clothing. Her longest serving co-worker, Debbie, notes how fun she is on a personal level, and that you couldn’t ask for a better person to have drinks or dinner with.

“Professionally, I’m a very driven, business-minded person and I give 110% in all that I do. I’m compassionate towards those I work with and I really care about my teams and believe in always treating them fairly. I feel like I’m their biggest cheerleader. Everybody needs to be encouraged and feel they bring value to their job.”

“As a manager, I’m very detailed and I like organization. It’s important to me to have unity among the team, that it’s a positive environment with cohesion and a harmonious flow. Those are huge for me because if you have that, you can’t help but succeed with all else.”

“My family’s very important to me and we always get together on Sundays. My oldest son is an LA County firefighter and my younger son is finishing his master’s degree, and I’m proud of what they’ve become. I like to play bingo; that’s my down time. It’s fun, mindless, and great to just shut everything off for a while.”


★★★★★ Dr. Faranesh was able to get our daughter in for some work just before leaving town. Pain-free and a great customer service experience all around. Highly recommended!
Jeff Anderson


★★★★★ I came here for an Exam. Dr. Faranesh is very informative and thorough. The office was clean and the staff was great. I will be going back.
Khalid Sadeddin


★★★★★ I was offered an emergency appointment without hesitation. Dr. Faranesh listened to my concerns, did a thorough check-up, and provided a detailed diagnosis with gentle care.
Dan Murphey


★★★★★ Dr. Faranesh is honest and trustworthy. He is also dedicated to a job done right and a happy patient.
Vanessa Mayberry


★★★★★ I have been to many Dentists in my life, but I never will go to any other Dentist than Dr. Faranesh. I don't care if I live in Canada, I will fly or drive to have this Doctor be my dentist.
Cory Gropp


★★★★★ I came to Smiles On Pecos to have a consultation appointment with Dr Rana Faranesh, to improve my smile before my big day. Dr Countryman is a well known respected dentist, so I knew I was in good hands.
Sheri Forati